Are you sick of buying the wrong products for your skin type, picking the wrong foundation colour, having so much makeup and no clue how to use it or always stuffing up that winged eyeliner? 
Well its time to get that sorted!
MCMUA is now offering makeup master classes 
 So I want to help you slay that winged eyeliner every time, purchase the right products for your skin and budget, have the proper tools and skills to master that favourite look and nail a quick and easy look for work so you can spend more time in bed!

Each class will adress the following:

- Tips and tricks on how to use the makeup you already own

- Whats missing from your makeup bag and the best places to find it

- Detailed lession on mastering an every day look and a special occasion alternative

Plus so we can answer all of those little questions about everything and anything makeup related 

Michaela Caines Makeup Artist | Ph: 0425 331 234 | Email: mc.mua3@gmail.com

 | Mobile Makeup Artist Sydney |

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