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Wedding day preparation tips

  • It is best to avoid trying any new skin care or treatments less than a month out of your wedding day. 

  • If possible have all facial waxing done more than 3 days before your wedding to reduce the risk of reactions. 

  • Hydration is everything! Drink all of the water! If you have trouble with dry skin keep up with the natural face oils. 

  • Try out some hydrating face masks prior to your wedding eg Hens night. Find one you love and have a wine down and face mask party the night of your wedding. 

  • The morning of your wedding day ensures everyone has a freshly washed makeup-free face. Regular skin care routines are encouraged so if you need to apply anything prior to my arrival go for it. Please just let me know what you have used.

  • If anyone has any allergies please let me know prior to the wedding day. This includes nut allergies. 

  • Find your perfect lip! I encourage everyone to have their own touch-up lipstick or gloss for the day.

  • Please allocate an area for me to set up prior to my arrival. A well lit area with a table or bench is best. Natural light is everyones best friend so if there is a window showing off some amazing sunshine that is perfect. If not thats totally fine as always carry lighting. 

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